barbara bassill

The Westwind is Blowing In Some Goodness

Feels like something good is brewing. Feels like looking out of the “nursery window” and feeling the breeze. Feels like the wind is bringing something like a Mary Poppins in some form. With a great big handbag full of goodies. Maybe goodies in the form of gold coins. Oh! Feels so real right now. Yes indeed! ... Read More

barbara bassill

See the Beauty All Around Us!

It snowed yesterday and the world here is covered with powder sugar. How beautiful! It is Sunday morning, an early, sleepy morning and what comes to my mind this morning is “beauty” in many forms. Like authenticity, loving in all ways, honesty, integrity, and caring. I hear so much about “lies” on the news and “someone trying to shut up the press”, really our freedom of speech. ... Read More

barbara bassill

Women Entrepreneurs

This morning I received a link from one of my woman friend entrepreneur’s. It’s a story, a real life story about a woman in the produce world in Los Angeles. She is one of the first women entrepreneur’s in our country and what an awesome success she created, the hurdles she had to overcome and how she persevered. ... Read More

SuperBowl LIII.

Getting ready for the super bowl LIII. Going to watch at my friends’ house. Love… ... Read More

barbara bassill

Hiding Out?

When I went for a walk the other day I had an incredible revelation about some aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of before. I also realized that this is something many women have in common. Most of my life I have been considered a “go-getter” or a “doer.” However, at one point in my life a very dramatic experience took me for “a real ride.” I began to feel fear, experienced anxiety and at that time, unbeknownst to me, placed some major judgments on myself. ... Read More

barbara bassill

Are Mothers Less Than?

I am a mother of three and have worked pretty much all my life. I enjoyed working and being creative. Yet, with my little ones, it was often a struggle. As they grew older, it became easier, and at the same time I felt guilty for not being there for them as much as I would have liked. ... Read More