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About Me

My name is Barbara Bassill.

I am a Coach Lovingly Empowering Women to Empower Themselves.

“Barbara Bassill has been a Huffington Post contributor and the author of the upcoming book for women.

Thanks to her unique coaching she has helped numerous women create the lives they want.”

Your Personal Roadmap

Barbara Bassill

Early Stages

I started modeling when I was young and the international travel and close relationships I developed with my fellow models gave me a valuable insight into relationships. Throughout my life I have been a good listener and have had the ability to help many friends put their life on a whole new path. This started what was to become my coaching practice. 

Barbara Bassill

Career Start

I completed the Master’s Program in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica and found that my own spiritual teachings were in alignment with the universal principles I was learning.  The valuable skills I gained together with my lifelong learning, particularly with three children and a husband, placed me in a unique spot to help many other women. I decided it was time to share my experiences and assist others to become all they want to be.

My clients – people are diverse,
but one thing unites all: an active position in life.

My Experience

Years of Loving Coaching Experience
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