When I was pregnant with my third child, I was building my business, and I was very stressed. One night I came home from a busy day. My children were waiting for me, very excited about Mommy being home. All I wanted to do was rest. I felt that night as if I had nothing to give anymore. ... Read More

barbara bassill

The Westwind is Blowing In Some Goodness

Feels like something good is brewing. Feels like looking out of the “nursery window” and feeling the breeze. Feels like the wind is bringing something like a Mary Poppins in some form. With a great big handbag full of goodies. Maybe goodies in the form of gold coins. Oh! Feels so real right now. Yes indeed! ... Read More

barbara bassill


For the last 30 years I have “done” Thanksgiving. The last few years I told myself, actually I promised myself that I would not do “it” again. Our Thanksgiving feast graduated from a family of six to eventually friends and family, which amounted to about 10, sometimes 12. ... Read More

barbara bassill

Do All Dogs Go To Heaven?

Baloo~~the best four-legged friend in the world. Four weeks ago my beloved Bernese Mountain dog, Baloo, was killed. A Motorcyclist ran into him. It was a tragic and traumatic moment. In the back of the car, where I was holding Baloo as my husband raced to the emergency vet hospital, I felt completely helpless. All I could do was tell him how much I loved him and I kept begging him to hang on. ... Read More

barbara bassill

Baloo- My Friend in Doggie Heaven

My friend Baloo: Baloo was my friend, he was my confidant when I was sad. I could talk to him about anything and I know he would listen. I would sit there and he would turn his head to the side, his ears were up and then he would give me his paw. He would jump up on the couch, cuddle up to me and he would say: “It’s all going to be ok”. ... Read More

barbara bassill

The Dessert Life I Want

I love chocolate, though it doesn’t always “love” me. I love dessert and I enjoy creating a dessert life for myself, my children and my family. What do I mean by that? I mean cooking up or creating a delicious dessert is a fun thing to do. It can be all kinds of things: ... Read More