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About Women and Friendship

About Woman and Friendship
I would like to share an awesome conversation with Steve Chandler and Carolyn Freyer-Jones. Both of them are friends of mine from the University of Santa Monica, California.
The topic is about Woman and Friendship. ... Read More

barbara bassill

Love Food and Cooking

On Easter I decided that I would have a fabulous BBQ or cook-out as my friend from the East Coast calls it. Here’s the menu: We had: Célérie Rémoulade as an appetizer with a nice cold glass of Pinot Grigio Marinated barbequed Lamb chops with little baby tomatoes. Grilled Green asparagus and Grilled marinated Japanese Eggplant ... Read More


When I was pregnant with my third child, I was building my business, and I was very stressed. One night I came home from a busy day. My children were waiting for me, very excited about Mommy being home. All I wanted to do was rest. I felt that night as if I had nothing to give anymore. ... Read More