barbara bassill

The Dessert Life I Want

I love chocolate, though it doesn’t always “love” me.  I love dessert and I enjoy creating a dessert life for myself, my children and my family.

What do I mean by that?

I mean cooking up or creating a delicious dessert is a fun thing to do. It can be all kinds of things:

Chocolate cake


Berries and Cream


Whatever it is we like… so I am thinking what if I use this “creating a dessert” for my life? That to me that is a wonderful picture in my mind’s eye.

Imagining to “dessert” up my life!

Thus I made up my mind for today–one day at a time– to bake up and to cook up “my yummy life” and to go for my dreams. One way I do this, is by sharing this blog. Another is to imagine and to write down what that image looks like.  I ask myself how can I create that perfect dessert-life? The answers always come and I create my Ideal Scene Dessert-Life.

So here I go into my kitchen (or into my Life-Kitchen) and doing just that, while having myself a delicious treat!

Bon Appetit and here’s to your life!

With loving,


Professor Dr. Anneliese Gerl and Barbara Bassill at Lago Restaurant…