barbara bassill

See the Beauty All Around Us!

It snowed yesterday and the world here is covered with powder sugar. How beautiful!

It is Sunday morning, an early, sleepy morning and what comes to my mind this morning is “beauty” in many forms. Like authenticity, loving in all ways, honesty, integrity, and caring. I hear so much about “lies” on the news and “someone trying to shut up the press”, really our freedom of speech.

I hear about demonstrations in Russia, where thousands of people want the release of freedom fighters who have been sent to Siberian prisons or they want the truth about one of them having been gunned down two years ago.

What comes to mind is my birth-country. In my former country there was hatred of other religions and that hatred was personified in so many ways. People were silenced from approximately 1933 until the wall came down in 1989. I suffered along with my cousins who were trapped in the “East” and I created groups to help young people with their freedom rights.

What is happening in so many places in our world now? Are we about to repeat an ugly time of history? This has nothing to do with being blue, red or purple. This has all to do with human rights. It has to do with basic human rights, with honesty, integrity, authenticity and most of all with respect. I remind myself that the BEST I can do is to be the mother I am. As a mom I work through many challenging and difficult situations and I focus on seeing the best in my children. So, I send light to the “dark places” in this world and I do my best to “be the change I want to see in the world”. To Be the “Beauty” I want to see in this world. I am truly “working” on that in so many ways. I meditate and pray and see the world in a more beautiful light, like the gorgeous, beautiful sunrises or sunsets. I focus on this instead on the negative or that which I hear in the news.

I am asking you who read this to send light with me to our world. Everywhere. May the Light prevail and may we speak with loving words as Mother Teresa talked about and see the beauty of our fellow neighbors everywhere as brothers and sisters. Through our loving thoughts in prayer and meditation and by our actions to all those we meet, we will bring forward the beauty we want to see.

Love, Light and Blessings,

Barbara Bassill

This morning I received a link from one of my…