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About Women and Friendship

I would like to share an awesome conversation with Steve Chandler and Carolyn Freyer-Jones. Both of them are friends of mine from the University of Santa Monica, California.

The topic is about Women and Friendship.

This conversation is dear to my heart and a natural with my coaching for mothers and women.

Carolyn Freyer-Jones is an excellent, heartfelt and authentic coach. I have seen her facilitate at the University and have been a friend of hers for many years. Her modus operandi is so loving and yet very direct.

Steve Chandler is a champion of coaches. He has helped people in all walks of life to create and live a life of joy, abundance and fulfillment.

The enclosed conversation talks about women in relationship to other women, whether in personal life, business, at work, at home or with a trusted friend. Carolyn shares with us how to cultivate these friendships, which are so key to our lives. Great friendships are creating tremendous value in our lives, especially for us women, who juggle so many balls in the air. The point I love the most when I listened to the conversation is the authentic loving that I experienced when I heard Carolyn address her topic, which she will share in an upcoming seminar and the kind way Steve asks questions so we the audience can get a true taste of what this is all about.

Without further ado, here it is: Steve Chandler and Carolyn Freyer-Jones on

Women and Friendship.

Enjoy, Barbara


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