barbara bassill

Hiding Out?

When I went for a walk the other day I had an incredible revelation about some aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of before. I also realized that this is something many women have in common.

Most of my life I have been considered a “go-getter” or a “doer.” However, at one point in my life a very dramatic experience took me for “a real ride.” I began to feel fear, experienced anxiety and at that time, unbeknownst to me, placed some major judgments on myself.

I realized that as much as I thought I was fulfilling my life’s purpose, living my dream and manifesting my goals, I really wasn’t. I saw a pattern emerging. I was hiding out! What was I hiding from? Why was I hiding?

I know how to act, like many women, so the “world” believes I am “doing and creating,” when in reality I was just acting like some kind of “Tinker Bell” and spreading “Pixie Dust” all over my actions, so they looked all sparkly and great. Many of us have our special ways of spreading Pixie Dust to look good.

Once I recognized that I was hiding out, I dug deeper to see what was holding me back and why I was hiding out. What came up for me was a feeling of un-deserving. I questioned my confidence and ability to do what I deeply wanted.

During this fateful walk that morning, I realized that if I continued to do this and to live like that, I would die without having given myself the chance to let my light shine. That would be a terrible pay-off for hiding out. My life and my dreams were more important to me in that moment than all the fear, angst and anxiety I had experienced for years.

Like a Phoenix out of the ashes I pulled myself out of fear and anxiety and into the loving, the light side and into the willingness to live my purpose and manifest my dreams.

It was not too late — as my fear tried to convince me off — it is never too late. We deserve to be who we are destined to be.

I am also a mother of three and when my kids learned to walk they often fell down as all little toddlers do. I would gently pick them up, smile and encourage them to try again. Clapping and applauding and calling out:” Yeah, great try, you can do it, go on, let’s try again.”

This is what each of us deserves to do for ourselves: to be gentle, kind and encouraging. Then with our willingness to take action and to create that which we really want in our lives, we can change our patterns and manifest our dreams and goals.

To move forward:

o Ask yourself if there are some areas in your life where you are hiding. It could be family, career, relationship, finances or your health.

o Discover how you are hiding out. Are you possibly keeping overly busy?

o Have the willingness to take action.

The following three steps will take you from where you are to the road of manifesting your dreams:

1. Make a list of where you are hiding out.

2. Write out why you are hiding out.

3. Sit down and create your recipe for happiness, joy and abundance in your life by starting out with 3 simple steps to move you forward.

That can actually be a lot of fun. Creating your vision for your life and allowing yourself to win in your mind’s eye, is a splendid feeling.

My suggestion to all of us is:

Do this in baby-steps, little by little. It’s a cinch by the inch. After a while, you will create and manifest exactly what you wanted and with this begin to feel really good about yourself. Then you will see the rewards and the good feeling will get bigger and bigger.

Women and mothers are strong and brave and we deserve to manifest life the way our heart tells us to.

I am a mother of three and have worked pretty…